Bespoke Interiors

Bespoke interiors are the core of our Joinery plant located in Dar es Salaam. We manufacture custom fittings on a large scale for government tenders, other corporate projects as well as for private homes. Our in-house interior decor department specializes in custom furniture design, floor planning, architectural consultation and innovative concept design. All on private and commercial scale

Group 6 asked us to create the interior of their guest quarters. Both structural elements and smaller furniture like this chest and desk were designed and made to create a warm and functional environment.

Keg & Dhow wanted a welcoming atmosphere in a warm setting for their family grill restaurant. Our designers worked closely with the owners, their architect and our Joinery, to produce an interior that went beyond expectations. Even after changing hands to The Grill House, the interior is as welcoming as before. Together with the high quality cuisine, it makes an experience out of each meal.

TLR Eclectic is proud of their Joinery. And of course we take every opportunity to showcase their work. Like this wonderful bespoke reception area in our Karibu House location.